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Garment Identification Label Service

  • Used to identify and track garments.
  • 100% polyester material.
  • Polymer coatings and heat seal backings.
  • Indelible imprint.
  • Resistant to abrasion and discolouration.
  • Can be exposed to industrial and institutional launderings.
  • Charted label sizes.
  • Barcodes and serialization.
  • Wearer names.
  • Garment sizes.
  • Logo or symbol graphics.


Garment Identification Labels are primarily used to mark, identify, sort and track garments and linens within a laundry processing or textile manufacturing environment. They are commonly applied to uniforms; workwear; career wear; hospital garments; hospital and nursing home linens; nursing home resident garments; and hotel and restaurant linens. From a range of perforated or pressure sensitive label sizes, Emblemtek can print labels with the specifications, formats and data supplied by customers not equipped with a labelling system. Relative to size and format, labels can contain a combination of alphanumeric and property mark detail; incremental numbering and serialization; wearer names; sorting and routing codes; garment sizes; barcodes; and logo or symbol graphics.

Garment Identification Labels are manufactured with a finely woven 100% polyester substrate, which is encapsulated by an engineered polymer top coating and a high-melt heat seal backing. The label surface is resistant to discolouration, is able to withstand high abrasion, and is formulated to be receptive to indelible thermal transfer ink ribbons, which create an imprint that can be exposed to heavy industrial, institutional and bleach launderings. Customers can quickly apply the printed labels with a heat seal machine