Textile Mending Patches

Mend it. Patch it. Fix it.

Textile Mending Patches are used to repair rips, tears and holes that form in various types of uniform, linen and textile products, such as work shirts and work pants; hospital linens and uniforms; nursing home linens; and hotel and restaurant linens. Patches are also used to bind pant hems, to join seems and to apply radio-frequency tags to garments and linens for tracking and sorting purposes. In sheet form, materials are coated with a high-melt glue film, and the padded materials are then die-cut into patches based on a standard chart of common shapes and sizes. The textile mending patches can then be heat seal applied in a matter of seconds, and are industrial, institutional and commercial launderable.

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Key Features

Repair rips and tears; holes; bind hems; join seems.

Suitable for industrial uniforms and hospital linens.

High-melt glue.

Heat seal application.

Industrial and institutional laundry resistant.

Charted sizes and shapes.

Pant and shirt weight materials.

Nomex® flame resistant fabrics.

Hospital linen fabrics.

Poly/carbon materials.

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