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PolyPrint Label Software

  • Standalone label software.
  • Microsoft® Windows® platform.
  • English; French; German.
  • Label layout editor.
  • Multiple label configurations and sizes.
  • Print barcode labels.
  • Insert logo graphics.
  • Built-in database.
  • Import from Microsoft® Excel®.


PolyPrint is an easy to use standalone software program specifically designed for low to medium volume garment identification label printing. The program operates within a Microsoft® Windows® platform, and includes a user interface that can be quickly switched from English to French or German. PolyPrint is capable of functioning with many of the popular printer models that are geared for garment identification label printing, including Avery Dennison® Monarch®, CAB, Zebra® and TSC™.

PolyPrint is built around a flexible label layout editor that uses common Windows® style tools including font type and size selectors; font styling; text boxes; alignment controls; barcodes; system date and time fields; variable print fields; and inserted logo images. Users can design multiple label formats and size configurations based on the range of available garment identification label tapes, in imperial or metric measurements. The program also features an internal database making it extremely easy to recall and print wearer labels. The database includes preset data fields such as Customers, Departments, Grades, Wearer Code, First Name and Last Name. PolyPrint is also able to import data from Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, which can certainly reduce the amount of data entry time required for larger print jobs.