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Add sparkle & shimmering brilliance

Add sparkle & shimmering brilliance AND get a direct embroidery look with LowProfile® Emblems! LowProfile® Embroidered Emblems are defined by a few key characteristics. They are produced without Merrow borders; are often created with full-coverage embroidery; and relative to the original design, are often custom cut to shape. Given those properties, the emblems appear to […]

Everything Will Be Ok!

“Everything will be ok!” and “Ça va bien aller!” embroidered badges. These colourful emblems, showcasing the “rainbow positive” message, are manufactured with 100% polyester embroidery threads and fabric, and are finished with a Merrowed border. To spread the message of support and hope, they can be used in all walks of life on a wide […]


AN EMBROIDERED EMBLEM WITH A SOFT FELT TEXTURE. Embellish blazers, dress uniforms, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts with a felt emblem. Manufactured with 100% polyester fabrics and threads, these emblems can be finished with a Merrow border, stitched border or fabric edge.  Choose up to 15 colours and add a button loop, butterfly clutch pin, key-ring, Velcro® […]


Metallic Threads Make It Stand Out! Incorporating Metallic threads are a great way to make your emblems stand out! We offer four options: Aluminum, Silver, Antique Gold or Gold. These can be incorporated into any of our embroidered emblems, including Simbroidery®. Find out more about Simbroidery® Emblems >>

Bon voyage!

Embroidered Emblems can easily be used as key-tags, pull-tags or luggage-tags when equipped with various accessory options such as grommets and split-rings, chains, half-moon clips or plastic straps. More details here.

Flexible PVC Emblems

PVC Emblems can be used on a variety of sportswear, workwear or other textile items, as an interior label or external emblem patch.  These emblems can be created in various thicknesses, with fine details and small text that cannot be achieved with embroidered emblems, as well as flat, 2D or 3D design textures.  PVC Emblem […]


Woven Label Emblems – Unlike embroidered emblems which are produced on twill materials, the interlaced weaving process creates the entire emblem and design at the same time. Without a base material layer, these emblems are much lighter in weight and have a single uniform surface, with a smooth woven texture. Due to the properties of […]


Embroidered Felt Emblems are commonly used to embellish blazers, dress uniforms, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and other garments that may contain fleece, polyester soft-shell, melton and wool materials. Learn more


Custom Embroidered Emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 colours per design. Click here to see all our Thread and Fabric charts.


JUST THE EASY WAY TO KEEP TRACK OF TRAVEL BAGS: CUSTOM EMBROIDERED LUGGAGE TAGS! Identify your luggage with a custom luggage tag from Emblemtek. Sturdy and weatherproof, these luggage tags will easily withstand the travel demands. Fully embroidered, your tag can be fully customized with your designs, text, and graphics in a colourful variety of […]