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HIGHLY TEXTURED AND DIMENSIONAL PVC tags allow for very small text, fine details, and can come in almost any shape desired, with 2D or even 3D design and textures and various thickness. The flexible PVC is extremely durable, and is resistant to sun-light fading, water and high temperature exposure. All the details HERE.

Safety First!

Custom Embroidered Emblems offer you many Custom Emblems SAFETY Solutions. Reflective Emblems, Hi-Visibility Emblems and Flame Resistant Emblems come in all size, shape or form and can be customized with your logos, colours and designs.

The varsity style embroidered emblems.

Chenille Embroidered Emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester felt fabrics, and 100% acrylic chenille threads, which give the emblems their unique and identifiable wool-like texture and feel. Sometimes referred to as varsity lettering or monogramming, Chenille Emblems are often used to personalize wool and leather “varsity” style jackets, commonly worn by school students, sports teams […]


It’s easy to create a branded key ring! So many emblem types, sizes and shapes can accommodate the key ring accessories. Many options are available to you. Ask for a quote now on our emblem accessories with “grommet and split ring” and get creative!! More accessories here. Get a quote here.


REFLECTIVE TRANSFER FILM FROM AN INDUSTRY LEADING BRAND. Reflective Transfer Emblems are produced with industry leading 3M™ Scotchlite™ branded retroreflective transfer films, which provide a high level of reflectivity when illuminated in low-light and nighttime conditions. The transfer films can be paired with a variety of industrial twill, high visibility or flame resistant fabrics, and […]

Printed and Durable!

Durable, high resolution, multi-colour printed emblems. UltraPrint™ Emblems are manufactured with a very thin, lightweight, finely woven 100% polyester material, thermally coated and specifically formulated for high resolution printing technologies. The patented material is produced with a high-melt glue backing in three formats ~ standard, pressure sensitive and flame resistant, all suitable for both industrial […]

Match your fabric!

Embroidered emblems with an exact fabric match. PennEdge® Embroidered Emblems are a patented product format that uses various types of shirt-weight materials which are produced in combination with thinly stitched, colour coordinated embroidered borders as part of the design element. The poplin, poly-cotton, polyester or flame resistant materials are chosen from a select range of […]


SIMULATE DIRECT EMBROIDERY WITH AN EMBROIDERED EMBLEM. SimBroidery® Emblems are characterized by the intricately cut, “open” spaces within their designs, which allows the emblems to blend into the garments and simulate direct embroidery. The emblems are produced with 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 colours per design, and they are finished with either […]


EMBROIDERED EPAULETS, SIGNIFYING MEMBERSHIP, LEVEL OR RANK. An Embroidered Epaulet, sometimes referred to as a “slip-on” or “shoulder-loop”, is usually worn in pairs on the shoulders of service, military or club uniforms, to signify membership, level or rank. They are manufactured with 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 […]


GLOW IN THE DARK FOR FUN, OR FOR SAFETY. Embroidered GloDark Emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester embroidery threads, where at least one of the design colours is stitched with a formulated fluorescent or photo-luminescent thread. The “GloDark” thread emits a glowing, greenish hue in extremely low-light and dark conditions, […]