Designed For Winter

Posted on December 16, 2020

Here is our latest advertisement in Imprint News magazine.
We offer a wide range of embellishment options, to add a design interest to your winter outerwear. Whether you want to add a branded logo, a ski team emblem or snow mountain patch, we have the products you need.PVC emblems are a popular product when it comes to winter outerwear. It’s a waterproof solution that makes perfect sense for snow sports. With it’s highly textured and dimensional designs, PVC emblems are a flexible and rugged textile embellishment, perfect for winter sports.
SubliPrintTM emblems are another great choice for outerwear and the snow. They are light weight, rugged and offer vibrant sublimated designs printed on twill emblems. Dries quickly and can sustain the elements.
Another great product is LowProfile® emblems which are defined by a few key characteristics. They are produced without Merrow borders; are often created with full-coverage embroidery; and relative to the original design, are often custom cut to shape. Given those properties, the emblems appear to lie flatter when applied to garments, and in many cases resemble direct embroidery.