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Specialty Emblems

A fully embroidered emblem with the soft texture of 100% polyester felt.

Embroidered Felt Emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester felt fabrics, and 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 colours per design. Felt Emblems are commonly used to embellish blazers, dress uniforms, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and other garments that may contain fleece, polyester soft-shell, melton and wool materials.

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Key Features

100% polyester felt fabrics.

Charted colours.

100% polyester threads.

Up to 15 colours per design.

Multiple backing options.

With or without Merrow borders.

Heat seal or sew-on application.

Commercial launderable.

Accessory options.

Low minimum quantities.

No artwork or set-up fees.

Features & Backing Options