Dye Blocker
Garment & Textile Transfers

  • Hybrid, direct to film (DTF) and screen-printed transfer.
  • Printed, opaque, dye blocking layer.
  • Prevents dye migration, dye penetration and colour bleed.
  • Formulated for sublimated, dye-transfer polyester sportswear.
  • Perfect solution for garment fabrics with patterns.
  • Flexible and stretchable without cracking.
  • Unlimited vibrant colours. Seven colour digital printing process.
  • Eco-friendly water-based inks and adhesives.
  • Clear carrier. Easy heat seal application. Quick hot-peel release.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


UltraTranzTM Dye Blocker garment and textile transfers are produced with water-based, eco-friendly inks and adhesives. They include a printed dye blocking layer, which prevents the effects of colour bleed, dye migration, and dye penetration from discolouring the transfer designs. These transfers are an ideal solution for embellishing sports jerseys, activewear, uniforms, and textiles manufactured with sublimated, die-transfer polyester fabrics, fabrics with dyes that may easily bleed, and stretchy technical materials. The opaque blocker is also a perfect solution for covering patterned and camouflage materials.

The transfers are constructed through a series of hybrid, direct to film (DTF) and screen-print techniques. Designs and images are printed directly onto clear transfer films using high resolution, seven colour digital printing systems. This platform allows for an almost unlimited range of solid, process, and gradient colours, as well as photo-realistic, vintage, distressed, and embroidered-look design elements. The transfer designs are then backed with a screen-printed opaque layer of white ink making the colours even more vibrant.

In the final production phases, the special dye blocker ink is screen-printed to the back of the transfers, then a layer of specially formulated adhesives. Applied in under 15 seconds, these adhesives maximize the application bond, durability and longevity of the designs as compared to other types of commercial transfers, and direct silkscreen. The transfers are flexible, can be stretched, and will not crack or peel.”

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Flexible and stretchable without cracking.
Eco-friendly water-based inks and adhesives.