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Specialty Emblems

Highly textured and dimensional, PVC Emblems are a flexible and rugged textile embellishment solution.

PVC Emblems are manufactured by injecting liquified polyvinyl chloride into mold casings or onto flat mold plates, which are then cured in high temperature ovens. Emblem design details and shapes are machined into the metal molds using precision equipment, which allows for very small text, fine details and almost any shape desired. Using Pantone® as a colour reference, the liquified PVC is tinted to the required colours and is injected or layered into the molds. Design colours can be added one at a time, with oven curing in between each layer, or in multiples depending on the shape, format and number of layers within the design. The high temperature curing process solidifies the liquified PVC colours, and the soft, flexible texture is a result of the plasticizers that are added to the PVC mixture.

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Key Features

Molded polyvinyl chloride.

Soft and flexible.

Fine details and small text.

Custom shapes and sizes.

Multiple design colours.

2D or 3D profile.

Sewing channels.

Velcro® or pressure sensitive backing options.

Garment embellishment or promotional item.

Accessory options.

Features & Backing Options