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Woven Labels

  • 100% polyester threads.
  • Very fine details and small text.
  • Solid-colour and metallic threads.
  • Custom shapes and sizes.
  • Center-fold, end-fold and miter-fold options.
  • Sew-on or heat seal application.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


Woven Labels are used to identify all sorts of garments and textiles, featuring custom logos, or details such as sizing, manufacturing content and country, and care and handling instructions. Labels can simply be used to promote a brand, or to convey key information relative to the items they are applied to.

Woven Labels are manufactured using high-speed automatic weaving looms. Using two or more colours, the weaving process interlaces sets of 100% polyester threads at right-angles across the width of the machine, creating the label base, designs and details all at the same time. The result is single uniform surface with a smooth woven texture, including the possibility of producing labels with very intricate details, small text and gradient patterns.

After the weaving process, the individual labels are trimmed from a production roll using automatic blade or hot-knife cutting machines. Labels can also be die-cut or laser cut into intricate free-form shapes, as well as circles and ovals, or squares and rectangles with rounded corners. Labels can also fed through automatic, in-line cutting and folding machines, which can apply numerous types of folding configurations for sew-on application.

Labels are usually applied to garments and textiles using hand operated or automatic sewing machines, and labels can also be applied using heat seal equipment if finished with a heat seal backing. Double-sided, puff and zipper-pull formats can also be produced.

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