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Sample Options, Artwork Services and Liability

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Emblemtek’s Sales Development, Customer Service, Graphics, Production and Marketing Teams work together to assist customers with product knowledge, product testing, and sales efforts. An array of sample options, reference tools, marketing elements, artwork services and pre-production samples are available as a complete, turn-key package, allowing customers to focus on their design and embellishment needs and objectives. Customers interested in these tools can contact their dedicated Sales Development or Customer Service Representative. 

Sample Options, Artwork Services and Liability

Emblemtek can provide samples for most of the item types available from its range of products, which can be used for educational, marketing or testing purposes. These samples demonstrate the unique features and options of each configuration, and are most often provided without charge. For sales and promotional purposes, Emblemtek is also able to assist customers with their marketing efforts, through the coordination of larger quantities of samples or with designs specific to unique product types or markets.

Emblemtek’s Product Knowledge Portfolios are collections of actual product samples, which are presented in a unique format following three designs across different item types. The assembled emblems and transfers provide a hands-on illustration of the differences between each configuration, and customers are able to visualize the transformation of the designs from one product to another. Each portfolio contains supporting product literature and physical colour charts, all of which can be used as educational, marketing, sales, presentation or reference tools.

From Emblemtek’s website, online portfolios, literature, advertising, display graphics and marketing samples, a large collection of high quality product scans and photography has been accumulated. Under normal circumstances these images, designs, formats, layouts and text descriptions cannot be copied or used without direct consent. However, Emblemtek is able to assist customers with their marketing efforts by making some of these materials available electronically. Under agreement and license, these elements can be used in the creation of website pages, presentations, brochures or other print-media.

Emblemtek provides different levels of artwork services for both presentation and quotation purposes relative to project needs and complexity. From the raw or high quality images received from customers, designs are reworked and scaled to best illustrate the colours, elements, sizes and formats of final product configurations. Design alteration, formatting and product type suggestions will also be provided when size or product limitations need to be take into account. Artworks and details are generally created and set-up on Artwork Approval forms, and unique artwork numbers are assigned to each project design request to facilitate project management and tracking. Artwork Approval forms are digitally transmitted in JPG or PDF format, with and without Emblemtek’s logo branding. Printed forms and design colour swatches are available, with customers usually covering associated courier costs.

Artwork services are complimentary, however some highly detailed and creative requests may be chargeable when, for example, designs are to be created from scratch. Approval forms should be signed prior to or during order placement, or an acknowledgement of approved artwork should be provided by email. These steps ensure that all parties are fully aware of all design elements and details, and the expectations of the final products.

Emblemtek’s graphics systems are compatible with many different file formats commonly used in the creation of embroidered and printed designs. The format of the original artwork received from customers is critical, as Emblemtek’s Production Artists are able to format and present Approval Artwork much quicker when image quality is at a high level.

Vector or line-art graphic files are preferred as they allow for easy manipulation of design components. Vector image files are essentially a collection defined objects, where dimensions, configurations, colours and outlines can be adjusted, without having to re-trace those elements. Vector image files are typically an exact representation of the original design, and can be scaled to any size with no reduction in quality or resolution.

Unlike object oriented vector files, bitmap image files are collections of individual graphic pixels of varying qualities and resolutions. To create artwork for embroidered or printed designs, bitmap image elements must be traced in order to manipulate, re-scale and colour the designs. When low resolution bitmap files are provided (less than 150dpi), it takes more time to re-create the image for presentation and production purposes. Photo-realistic and four-colour process design elements are typically not traced, as the original graphics and colour tones are rendered and re-used, therefore it is import that those components be supplied at high resolution levels.

File Types – Vector:
CorelDRAW® (.CDR); Adobe® Illustrator® (.AI); Encapsulated PostScript® (.EPS); PostScript® Interpreted (.PS); Portable Document File (.PDF)

File Types – Bitmap:
Joint Photograph Experts Group (.JPG or .JPEG); Portable Network Graphics (.PNG); Adobe® Photoshop® (.PSD); Corel PHOTO-PAINT® (.CPT); Tagged Image File Format (.TIF or .TIFF); Windows® Bitmap (.BMP); Personal Computer Exchange (.PCX); Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF); Truevision Graphics Adapter (.TGA)

File Types – Embroidery:
Tajima Stitch File (.DST); Wilcom Embroidery File (.EMB); Pulse Embroidery File (.PXF); Barudan Stitch File (.DSB); Melco Expanded File (.EXP); Outline File (.POF); ZSK Stitch File (.DSZ); Tajima Embroidery File (.TBF)

Pre-production samples are available for many of the custom product types that Emblemtek manufactures, and the samples provide customers with an opportunity to review individual designs and configurations prior to final approval and order placement. Customers are able to use these samples in their sales and marketing efforts, or as part of a project presentation. Sample availability, options, limitations, features, accessories, quantities and pricing vary by product type.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they have all the required rights to use, copy, transmit, modify and/or reproduce licensed or un-licensed logos, designs, emblems, graphics, electronic data, physical samples or other intellectual property provided to Emblemtek for the creation of artwork, emblems, embroidery, transfers or imprinted images. The purchaser will assume all liability and/or legal responsibility for any infringements and/or damages that may arise from such use. Unless paid for, the designs and/or file formats created for production purposes will remain the property of Emblemtek for resale to the purchaser. Emblemtek reserves the right to refuse designs based on their propriety. Images, texts and formats that illustrate racist themes, promote hatred towards others, or are otherwise deemed to be offensive, rude or vulgar, may be be rejected.

Emblemtek maintains a set of principles with respect to customer and design confidentially. Customer and contact information, as well as item and sales details, will not be shared other customers. The same framework applies to physical samples, especially those relating to EMS, police, fire, security, government, municipal and military fields. Extra emblems and designs, as well as original or pre-production samples, are either sent to the customer or they are carefully destroyed. Images that may appear on Emblemtek’s sales and marketing materials, either physical or digital, are for illustrative purposes only, and are meant to highlight the types of products that Emblemtek manufactures.