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Payment Methods & Policies

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Emblemtek’s Payment Methods and Policies are clearly outlined so that customers have sufficient knowledge, options and flexibility to process payments for goods and services. It is important that customers play an active role in maintaining their payment standards, understanding that Emblemtek is providing custom, make-to-order products with emphasis on high standards of quality and quick service. Unless otherwise noted, invoices are processed in Canadian Dollars (CAD$), and customers have several methods available to transmit payment, both physically and electronically. All policy and payment inquiries, as well as remittance details, can be sent to


Payment Methods & Policies

New customers and customers that do not have open account terms with Emblemtek are required to submit full order payment (goods, shipping and taxes) prior to order processing. Order pre-payments can be made using any of the payment methods listed herein, including cash and cheque. Payments must be secured prior to order entry and release. All payment and accounting inquires can be directed to Emblemtek’s remittance mailing address is:

Emblemtek Solutions Group Inc.
Attn.: Accounting Services
P.O. Box 820
Vankleek Hill, ON K0B 1R0

Customers with or without account terms are able to safely process American Express®, Visa® or MasterCard® credit card transactions for open invoices, account balances or order pre-payments, using Emblemtek’s Online Payment form and secure payment gateway. Credit card details are not captured by Emblemtek’s systems and remain confidential to the cardholder. Alternatively, customers can use PayPal® online payment services to transfer funds directly to Emblemtek’s account. Remittance details, PayPal® payments and accounting inquires can be directed to

Customers are able to process transactions for open invoices, account balances or order pre-payments using various funds transfer methods. With Interac® eTransfer® (Canada), customers are able to “send” payments by email from their online banking applications, where on receipt, Emblemtek is able to initiate a retrieval of those funds, which are deposited immediately.

Customers can also use online banking to submit electronic funds transfers directly to Emblemtek’s bank account, or they can use a voice or online service to generate a wire transfer. Transfers, remittance details and accounting inquires should be directed to Emblemtek’s banking and wire transfer details are as follows:

Royal Bank of Canada
400 Spence Avenue
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2Y3

Institution#: 003
Transit#: 02152
Account#: 1002807
Swift Code: ROYCCAT2
Routing Code: 021 000 021

Customers can request open account terms with Emblemtek by submitting a completed credit application. After a full review is undertaken, terms will be granted based on the details and feedback provided by the customer and their references. Customers will be notified whether terms are granted or not, and if successful, an initial credit limit will be established. Customers may be asked to pay for their first order upfront as part of the approval process. Emblemtek’s standard terms are Net 30 Days, however lower intervals of Net 15 or Net 20 Days may be initially established for new customers. Discounted terms of 2%-10 Days are also available for customers who are able to make prompt and early payments. Open account terms must be respected at all times, and should remain in good standing. Customers with frequently overdue accounts, or who hold-back funds or take unwarranted deductions, risk having their terms revoked. Inactive and dormant accounts will be closed after a period of time, and customers may have to reapply for terms should they become active again in the future.

In a case where a customer payment is processed and returned to Emblemtek due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), the full payment amount will be reapplied to the customer’s account, along with a $35.00 processing fee. The customer may be asked to secure full payment by certified cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer. The customer also risks losing open account terms. Customers that fail to keep their accounts in good standing, and make no attempt to clear overdue balances after a period of time, may be placed into collection.