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Product Innovation, Knowledge and Performance

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Product Innovation and Development

Product innovation and development; the enhancement of processes and services; and the measurement of operational performances, are fundamental, ongoing activities that help move Emblemtek forward. They solidify the quality and service standards that go into the products Emblemtek manufactures, and continue to support customers’ needs. At the same time, Emblemtek is continuously on the look for new products, item formats and design configurations, to build on the the large array of embellishment, branding and identification solutions currently available. Customers interested in Emblemtek’s product development, product testing, knowledge seminars and reporting options, can contact their dedicated Sales Development or Customer Service Representative. 


FieldLab™ is a program that encompasses Emblemtek’s product testing strategies, to continuously ensure that current and newly developed products meet the requirements and expectations of customers and end-users. Products are examined for materials and manufacturing quality; application process and methods; strength and durability; wear and abrasion results; and commercial or industrial laundry performance. 
Raw materials and finished goods are routinely tested by suppliers, by alliance partners, in-house, and collectively, with professional laboratories and testing centres such as SATRA, Canadian Standards Association and Underwriters Laboratories. Emblemtek also places products in the field, with customers that are able to expose items to real-world conditions, which allows for critical, non-biased results and feedback. At the same time, customers are able to voice concerns or submit suggestions with respect to product performance, improvements or innovations.


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Product Knowledge Seminars

Emblemtek can provide an array of product specific information to customers’ marketing, sales and operations teams, through product knowledge and training seminars. These gatherings can focus on individual or multiple topics such as: 
  • Product Formats and Variances
  • Product Content and Qualities
  • Product Usage and Selection
  • Product and Garment Best Fit
  • Application Methods and Techniques
  • Heat Seal Equipment Maintenance
Seminars provide an open forum for team members to review products hands-on, and to discuss real-world situations and experiences. They also provide a platform to discuss unique needs and to submit product improvement suggestions for future development.

Sales and Performance Reporting

On request, Emblemtek will generate monthly, quarterly or yearly sales and performance reporting, for individual customers, group locations or national accounts, which will illustrate and highlight volume and operational facets such as: 
  • Item Specific Sales Volumes
  • Product Group Sales Volumes
  • Open Order and Target Date Status
  • Target Performance Averages
  • Product Lead-Time Interval Averages
  • Courier Performance 
These reports compliment customers’ planning, budgeting and logistics objectives, and provide detailed and transparent information with respect to purchase volumes and Emblemtek’s service standards.