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Ordering Guidelines, Target Dates and Sales Taxes

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To begin the order cycle, it is important to outline the methods with which orders can be placed, the details required to enter orders without delay, the commitments that frame each order, and the services that can be attached. All orders are personally reviewed and handled by an Emblemtek Customer Service Team Member, and once orders are entered, processes are triggered for design preparation, materials planning and production scheduling, with Graphics and Manufacturing Teams focused on set delivery commitments, or Target Dates. Customers can also take advantage of Emblemtek’s stock-and-hold and volume pricing services and options, and should understand policies relating to sales taxes, backorders, and order additions or cancellations. Questions relating to these guidelines can be directed to a dedicated Customer Service Representative. 

Ordering Guidelines, Target Dates and Sales Taxes

Purchase orders, reference samples, approved artwork forms and supporting documentation can be sent to Emblemtek by email, facsimile, courier or mail. Please note that Emblemtek’s email systems cannot accept file attachments with .TXT or .EXE extensions. It is recommended that orders be typed and not hand written as this helps to reduce misinterpretation and potential errors. Customer Service Representatives will also accept orders by telephone, however they will not be responsible for any errors resulting from misunderstood details, or spelling formats on text emblems. Customers are responsible for any costs associated to orders or samples sent to Emblemtek by courier, unless otherwise noted. A $5.00 handling fee may apply to orders under $15.00 in value.

To facilitate the order process with the least amount of delay, Emblemtek’s Customer Service Team requires as much information as possible on all order forms and supporting documentation. The following is a list of example details that should be included relative to the products being ordered:

• Customer Number, Name, Contact and Address Details
• Purchase Order Number
• Order Quantity
• Item Number and Description
• Emblem, Transfer or Design Type
• Emblem, Transfer or Design Size
• Emblem Fabric Colour
• Emblem Backing Type
• Design Colours
• Emblem Border Type & Colour
• Specific Delivery Requirements

Many of these details may already be included on the Artwork Approval forms that are created for all new emblems and designs prior to production processing. Please take the time to ensure the accuracy of these details as you provide your authorization.

Delivery Target Dates are assigned to all new orders based on product types and mixes, item quantities, defined customer agreements, and on current production volumes. Embelmtek aims to manufacture items and fulfill customer orders on Target and within the shortest intervals possible, without compromising on quality and service standards. Delivery performance is monitored on a daily basis as volumes fluctuate, and most orders are completed and shipped on or ahead of schedule. However, due to high-demand periods or unforeseen circumstances, delays can occur. It is important to note that Emblemtek maintains a very high ongoing Target commitment average.

All products and services purchased from Emblemtek will be subject to Federal, Provincial and/or harmonized sales taxes if those goods or services are destined to, or are provided to, an address in Canada. Tax rates vary by provincial or territorial jurisdiction, and are applied based on shipping address. Some Canadian customers may be eligible for tax exemptions, however they must provide a valid certificate or guidance document prior to order processing. Customers or shipping destinations located outside of Canada are exempt from all Canadian sales taxes, however those customers will be responsible for any taxes that may be levied in their countries upon importation. The chart below outlines the tax rates currently charged within Canadian regions.

• Alberta ~ GST 5%
• British Columbia ~ GST 5%
• Manitoba ~ GST 5%
• New Brunswick ~ HST 15%
• Newfoundland & Labrador ~ HST 15%
• Northwest Territories ~ GST 5%
• Nova Scotia ~ HST 15%
• Nunavut ~ GST 5%
• Ontario ~ HST 13%
• Prince Edward Island ~ HST 15%
• Quebec ~ GST 5% + TVQ 9.975%
• Saskatchewan ~ GST 5%
• Yukon ~ GST 5%

Emblemtek’s tax numbers are: GST 101555795RT0001 // PST 2139-8518 // TVQ 1009828661TQ0001

Emblemtek’s Production Teams try to ship all orders complete to reduce the incidence of backorders. However, due to irregular stock or raw material shortages, or high-volume production burdens, backorders may occur on occasion. Should this happen, customers will be notified if an order cannot be completed, and to determine if a backorder or partial shipment is acceptable. Similarly, when very large orders are placed, customers should notify Emblemtek’s Customer Service Team if they would like to receive partial shipments.

Individual customers, group locations and national accounts can leverage Emblemtek’s stock and hold services and volume pricing options to complement their cost and logistics objectives.

Products such as custom emblems and transfers can be ordered in higher quantities to take advantage of volume pricing, which will then be produced, inventoried and distributed to single or multiple locations based on forecasts and set schedules. Items can be paid for in advance or at time of order placement and release, as outlined in a stock and hold agreement or blanket purchase order. Stock and hold services can also be useful for custom emblems that require embroidered name inserts and wearer personalization.

Emblemtek will coordinate and manage artwork presentations, pre-production samples, quantity level monitoring, stock replenishment, timelines and agreement expiration. Customers can also enter into formal purchasing agreements with Emblemtek, covering a wider range of products, as mutually agreed by both parties.

Additions can only be made to orders that have not been entered into Emblemtek’s systems. Once an order has been processed, changes are difficult to manage as the order moves to the scheduling and production stream. Adding additional items or increasing quantities would require a separate new order. Removing items or reducing quantities may involve the cancellation of the original order, with a new replacement order entered afterwards. Unit price adjustments may be applied relative to quantity increases or decreases, as many custom products are priced on a quantity scale.

For complete order cancellations, customers will be subject to the costs associated with any partial or completed work in progress and/or raw materials that have already gone into the order at the time of cancellation. As those costs are calculated, customers will always have the option to continue with the cancellation process or to complete the order as originally planned.