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As a team, we sincerely appreciate the business relationships that we are able to forge with our valued customers. We know that each time they choose to work with Emblemtek, they are placing their confidence and trust in our people, our products and our services. In return, it is our collective goal to provide them with a customer relationship experience that meets their needs.

The underlying framework of Emblemtek’s customer service plan is our 6StepService® methodology. This is a structure we use to guide our teams through the phases of the business cycle, to evaluate; design; produce; deliver; measure; and communicate. Each step is a marker that sets a standard for us to work with, as we focus on delivering a wide range of high quality product solutions, and a consistent level of flexible service. When connected, these steps create a cyclical path that takes us from one project to the next, and they create an inclusive environment, which allows us to work openly with our customers.



As we continue to stay connected to the markets we serve, we build on the product knowledge services and tools that we are able to share with our business partners. From project to project, we listen to our customers and work closely with them to find the product solutions that best match their needs, and help support their success.



With an understanding of what our customers are looking for, we design and submit graphical representations of the proposed solutions. At the same time, we will inject new ideas and suggestions based on product benefits, options and limitations. Through these processes, we remain open to adopting new, innovative product configurations and design features along the way.



Based on customer requirements and design, we produce our products using the best materials and techniques available, with a focus on detail, workmanship and quality. Simultaneously, we continue to find better ways to manufacture efficiently in a sustainable format, without compromising our high standards of service.



Every order is scheduled and monitored through the operations cycle to meet the delivery targets assigned. We leverage our manufacturing processes, production capacities, and the abilities of our crossed-trained teams, to remain focused on these commitments. At the same time we remain flexible to shifting timelines to support our customers.



With orders produced and delivered, we continuously measure our manufacturing, service and product performance streams. From these process monitoring and product testing practices, we are better equipped to understand our capabilities, and to look for improvements where needed.



A positive customer experience across all business interactions is top priority. Through regular project interaction we stay connected to our customers to solidify their knowledge and ensure their satisfaction. Our customer relationship management program allows for regular and open communications with our business partners, as we look to support future opportunities.