Direct Embroidery Designs

  • Turn-key services.
  • Flat-rate and scaled digitizing fees.
  • Design proofing and editing.
  • Embroidery application.
  • 100% polyester threads.
  • High-visibility and Nomex® threads available.
  • Combine with emblem application services.
  • Direct or multi-location shipping.


There are a few products that can be used to emulate the texture and appearance of direct embroidery, including LowProfile® and SimBroidery® Emblems, both of which have the ability to be quickly applied and removed. However, direct embroidery is an extremely popular garment embellishment method, and the integrated look and feel is what is so often desired. Emblemtek can provide turn-key services for direct embroidery, including digitizing, embroidery application and multi-location shipping services.

Existing embroidery files can be provided in one of several common formats, or we can help to create graphics, high quality digitizing and design proofs. Individual names, titles, positions and numbers can also be added. Designs can contain up to 15 colours, and are applied using 100% polyester threads referenced from our standard thread chart. High-visibility or Nomex® flame resistant threads are also available.

If high quality digitizing is all that is required, Emblemtek’s graphics team can provide file upload functionality, artwork approvals, low-cost, flat-rate and scaled digitizing fees, and design proofing services. It is also possible to modify existing embroidery files that may have been used for embroidered emblems, which can help to reduce digitizing costs.