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Embroidered Flame Resistant Emblems

  • Nomex® flame resistant fabrics.
  • Flame resistant backing options.
  • 100% polyester or Nomex® embroidery threads.
  • Charted colours.
  • Up to 15 colours per design.
  • Merrow border.
  • High-melt glue option.
  • Heat seal or sew-on application.
  • Commercial or industrial launderable.
  • Low minimum quantities.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


Embroidered Flame Resistant Emblems are manufactured using Nomex® flame resistant fabrics, as well as non-woven materials and hi-melt glue backings which are also flame resistant rated. This creates a fabric base which is fully comprised of flame resistant components, complimenting the properties of the flame resistant garments. Embroidered designs, with up to 15 colours, can be produced with either Nomex® flame resistant threads (FR2) or with standard 100% polyester embroidery threads (FR1), a less expensive, non-flame resistant alternative. The emblems are finished with a Merrow border, in harmony with the type of thread chosen – Nomex® or polyester.

The emblems can be heat sealed or sewn onto the front chest, shoulder or back of garments, to highlight the full image of the uniform. Name crests are also available to personalize the garment to the wearer. The emblems are industrial and commercial launderable.

Flame resistant fabrics and threads
Multiple thread colours
Merrow border
HiVis flame resistant fabrics