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HiTranz®Poly Garment & Textile Transfers

  • Formulated technical coatings and adhesives.
  • Small text and fine details.
  • Clear carrier.
  • Heat seal application.
  • Warm release.
  • Commercial and industrial launderable.
  • Flexible; Anti-Static; Flame Resistant ink options.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


HiTranz® Poly transfers are part of the HiTranz® brand of high quality, premium garment and textile transfers, all of which are manufactured with specially formulated technical inks, coatings and adhesives. HiTranz® Poly transfers represent a market leading segment of transfers that are fully industrial launderable to wash temperatures of 200ºF (95ºC). These transfers are primarily used to embellish uniforms, work-wear, clean-room gear, high visibility garments and flame resistant clothing.

The production process uses technical inks and innovative methods that provide accurate registration, very fine details, small text and vibrant Pantone® formulated colours. Transfer designs are printed onto a clear carrier sheet, which allows for accurate positioning on the garment prior to application.  HiTranz® Poly transfers are heat seal applied in a matter of seconds, and the carrier sheet can be removed from the garment while the transfer is still hot.  Unlike an emblem, the designs become part of the garment, and the high quality coatings and adhesives provide more durability than other commercial transfers or direct silkscreen. HiTranz® Poly transfers can be printed with different ink formulations for garments that require more flexibility (PolyFLX).  They can also be manufactured with anti-static (PolyAS) or flame resistant (PolyFR) ink and adhesive compositions, best suited for these types of specialized garments.  These variants are also industrial and commercial launderable.

HiTranz® Poly
HiTranz® PolyFR
HiTranz® PolyAS anti-static
Fine lines and details
Clear carrier / warm release
Small text

Options & Backings

Industrial Laundry
Flame Resistant
Warm Release