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HM/PM Series Heat Seal Machines

  • Small format.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Manually operated.
  • Optional auto-release.
  • Optional bottom heat.


The HM/PM Series heat seal machines, manufactured by Texas Automation Products, are a low cost, compact and portable solution for low volume heat seal application needs. These manually operated, 120-volt machines are equipped with a 3-1/2″ x 6″ top heat iron platen, available in four models, including optional bottom iron heat and automatic release configurations. The machines feature an easy-grip closure handle, and separate analog operating, temperature and timer controls, relative to model format.

The models are:

HM/PM Series:
  • Model HM32     Top and Bottom Heat; Manual Release
  • Model HM33     Top Heat Only; Manual Release
  • Model PM32     Top and Bottom Heat; Automatic Release
  • Model PM33     Top Heat Only; Automatic Release
The HM/PM Series machines are ideal in nursing home, small laundry, sportswear, and camp environments, and can be used to apply a range of products such as Garment Identification Labels; QwikTranz™ Transfers; HiTranz™ 4D and Stretch Transfers; Reflective Transfers; Mending Patches; and UltraPrint™ Emblems.

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