SubliTranzTM Garment & Textile Transfers

  • Four-colour process.
  • Dye-sublimation.
  • Supplied on transfer sheets.
  • Heat seal application.
  • For 100% polyester textiles.
  • Permanently integrated.
  • Industrial launderable.
  • Charted or formulated colours.
  • Design effects.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.
  • Low quantities.


SubliTranz™ Transfers are manufactured using four-colour process dye-sublimation systems, where images are printed onto transfer sheets with specially formulated sublimation inks. The transfers can be heat seal applied to various types of 100% polyester textiles, linens, garments and accessories, or to other substrates that are receptive to sublimation inks. With high temperatures and pressures, the sublimation process allows the inks to penetrate into the fibers of the base materials where they become permanently embedded. As a result of this “re-dying” technique, designs maintain the same smooth and soft texture of fabrics they are applied to, and they will not crack, peel or fade under normal commercial and industrial laundry conditions, where temperatures do not exceed 375℉ (190℃).

White fabric is normally used in the sublimation process so that design colours are not distorted by darker fabric shades, while remaining rich and vibrant. However, it is possible to transfer onto some lighter materials, or even high visibility fabrics when images are transferred in black. Design colours can be chosen from an established pallet, or can be closely matched to Pantone® colour references, within a four-colour process format. High resolution images with photo-realistic, gradient, shadow and fine line elements can be reproduced, and other creative features can be added, such as watermarks, graphical backgrounds, embroidery effects, camouflage patterns and QR codes.

Fast application
4 Colour Process
SubliTranz™ Transfers