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UltraTranzTM Garment & Textile Transfers

  • Digitally printed designs with unlimited colours.
  • Four-colour process and photo-realistic qualities.
  • Small text and fine details.
  • Formulated technical coatings and adhesives.
  • Non-solvent eco-friendly or industrial FR.
  • Clear carrier.
  • Heat seal application.
  • Warm release.
  • Commercial or industrial launderable.


UltraTranzTM transfers are available in two formats, FLEX and PLUS. Both variations are manufactured using advanced digital printing systems using flexible inks, which create high resolution, four colour process designs. The transfers are backed with specially formulated, technical coatings and adhesives, that maximize the application bond, durability and longevity of the designs as compared to other brands of commercial transfers, and direct silkscreen. The high resolution printing platform allows for a range of design elements and features, such as fine details, small text, photo-realistic images, gradients, abstracts, embroidery look, vintage and distressed looks, chrome and metallic effects, and breathable patterns.

Transfer designs are printed directly onto a clear carrier sheet, which allows for accurate positioning on the garment prior to application. UltraTranzTM transfers are heat seal applied in a matter of seconds, and the carrier sheet can be removed from the garment while the transfer is still warm.

FLEX transfers are produced with non-solvent, eco-friendly coatings and adhesives, geared for career-wear, sportswear, recreational clothing and other textile products, ideal for wash temperatures that do not exceed 140ºF (60ºC). The flexible construction allows for garment stretch extensions of between 40 and 70 percent under various conditions, including high chlorine environments such as swimming pools.

PLUS transfers are produced with solvent-based coatings and adhesives, which also include flame resistant (FR) properties, ideal for mild industrial laundry exposure with wash temperatures up to 175ºF (80ºC). These transfers are geared for a wide range of industrial uniforms, FR garments, high visibility gear and service apparel.


UltraTranz™ transfers
Digitally printed designs
UltraTranz™ FLEX (40%-70% stretch extensions)
Heat seal application / clear carrier / warm release
Four-colour process
Non-solvent, eco-friendly / chlorine tested
Commercial or industrial launderable
Photo-realistic qualities
Photo-realistic qualities

Options & Backings

Small text and fine details
Unlimited colours
UltraTranzTM FLEX (40%-70% stretch extensions)
Warm release
Clear carrier
Four-colour process and photo-realistic qualities
Non-solvent, eco-friendly. Chlorine tested.
UltraTranzTM PLUS