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Embroidered Epaulets

  • 100% polyester twill fabrics.
  • Charted colours.
  • 100% polyester threads.
  • Up to 15 colours per design.
  • Stitched or Velcro® seem.
  • Slip-on application.
  • Double-sided option.
  • Low minimum quantities.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


An Embroidered Epaulet, sometimes referred to as a “slip-on” or “shoulder-loop”, is usually worn in pairs on the shoulders of service, military or club uniforms, to signify membership, level or rank. They are manufactured with 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 colours per design. They can be formatted into various sizes, and are commonly produced in rectangular or quadrilateral shapes.

The Epaulet “loop” is created by folding the twill fabric under the Epaulet surface and stitching the seam. The Epaulets can then be “slipped” onto the buttoned shoulder straps of uniform shirts or jackets.  The Epaulet seams can also be finished with Velcro®, which allows the “loop” to be opened and wrapped around a fixed shoulder strap.  Epaulets can also be produced “double-sided” with two different colours of twill fabric on opposite sides.

Metallic threads
Multiple thread colours