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SubliPrint™ Text Emblems

  • Sublimation.
  • Name crests and job titles.
  • Text emblems with no logos.
  • Standard fonts.
  • Charted sizes and colours.
  • 100% polyester fabric.
  • Heat seal or sew-on application.
  • Commercial and industrial launderable.
  • Low quantities.


SubliPrint™ Text Emblems allow for easy identification and personalization of garments, as name crests, job titles or company emblems, when no logo designs are required. Complimentary to custom SubliPrint™ Emblems, the text emblems are manufactured using dye-sublimation systems, where text is printed onto transfer sheets with specially formulated sublimation inks. Under high temperature and pressure, the sheets are transferred onto 100% polyester emblem blanks using heat seal equipment. The sublimation process allows the inks to penetrate into the fibres of the base materials where they become permanently embedded. As a result of this “re-dying” technique, the emblem text will not crack, peel or fade under normal commercial and industrial laundry conditions, where temperatures do not exceed 375℉ (190℃).

White fabric is normally used in the sublimation process so that print colours are not distorted by darker fabric shades. From a charted list of sizes, SubliPrint™ Text Emblems are created with one text colour and font style per emblem, and are usually finished with a Merrow border. Emblems are produced with a high-melt glue backing for heat seal application, and they can also be sewn onto variety of sportswear and workwear garments. The emblems are removable, allowing for garment re-use or re-branding.

Block and script font styles
Case sensitive
Two-line text
HiVis neon merrow border