Woven Emblems

  • 100% polyester threads.
  • No base fabric.
  • Light-weight and flexible.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Very fine details and small text.
  • Custom shapes and sizes.
  • With or without Merrow borders.
  • Different backing options.
  • Heat seal or sew-on application.
  • Accessory options.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


Woven Emblems are manufactured using high-speed automatic weaving looms. With design patterns loaded, the loom interlaces two sets of thin and durable 100% polyester threads at a right angle across the width of the machine. Unlike embroidered emblems which are produced on twill materials, the interlaced weaving process creates the entire emblem and design at the same time, in two or more colours. Without a base material layer, these emblems are much lighter in weight and have a single uniform surface, with a smooth woven texture.

Due to the properties of the very fine threads, and the fact that designs are brought together one thread at a time, it is possible to produce emblems with very intricate details, small text and gradient patterns.  And, as a result of the continuous stitching process, design coverage does not impact the price of the emblems since they are always fully woven.

After the weaving process, the emblems can be finished with a choice of low-melt-glue, pressure sensitive glue, Velcro® or non-woven backings, allowing for heat seal, stick-on or sew-on applications.  The emblems can be cut into basic or intricate shapes using die-cutting, laser cutting or hot-knife equipment, and can be trimmed with or without Merrowed borders. Woven emblems can also be produced in a double-sided format, and can be equipped with accessory features such as grommets and key-rings.  The emblems are industrial and commercial launderable relative to backing type and application method.

Metallic threads
Custom cut shapes
Merrow border
Fine details and small text

Options & Backings

Velcro® backing
Pressure-sensitive backing
Small text
Fine details


Grommet & Swivel Split-Ring (as pull tag) style #4
Grommet & Swivel Snap-Hook style #6
Grommet & Swivel Clasp Hook style #5
Grommet & Split-Ring style #2
Grommet & Chain style #3
Triangle Clip with Push-Button-Snap style #7
Grommet style #1