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Global Partners

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Global Network. Global Partners and Representatives.

Emblemtek has been manufacturing in Canada since 1980, and as the Company has grown and evolved, so too has the global marketplaces to which it serves. As the needs of our business partners have expanded, we have remained committed to product development, production innovation and the enhancement of service integrity along the way.

Through our own journey and evolution, we have also focused on the creation of integral working relationships, alliances and partnerships with like-minded and innovative manufacturing and distribution companies on regional, national and international levels. Companies that work individually or collectively to leverage each other’s skills, ideas, resources and products.

With a network of talented and experienced individuals, and a chain of manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia, we can embrace diverse industry perspectives and unique strengths to best serve our customers on a global scale.

These commitments, relationships, alliances and innovations have allowed us to expand our product range and to introduce new embellishment solutions, while maintaining a common and recognized quality standard. With the balance of local and regional production and service sites, we are more flexible and responsive to the unique requirements of our shared marketplaces.

There’s no questioning the fact that a key component of our success stems from our commitment and abilities to manufacture products domestically in Canada. And simultaneously, we can rely on our carefully chosen, strategically located, international network of partners to bring superior techniques, materials and products to the forefront of our industry. The best products coming from the best sources!






Global Partners