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Health and Safety

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Emblemtek recognizes that healthy working conditions and safe working practices are vital to achieving business excellence. As a team, we aim to perform tasks and run operations in a manner that presents no risk of injury or ill health to fellow employees or to visiting business partners. As part of the legal requirement to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, safety policies and standards are enforced by management in tandem with Emblemtek’s Joint Health and Safety Committee.Our belief is that safety is an ongoing concern and is a process of continuous improvement. This framework relies on the systematic identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks. Additionally, periodic goals, targets and measurements are set to monitor the structure and activities of all safety and clean-workplace programs. The objective of Emblemtek’s policies, and the standards and regulations therein, are to maintain the lowest possible health and safety risk factors. To achieve positive outcomes, Emblemtek is committed to proper employee training; to ensuring equipment is used properly and regularly maintained; to making safety equipment available to all team members; and to performing operations in an environment that is clean and free of clutter.