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ColorPrintTM Emblem Printing System


The ColorPrint™ Emblem Printing System enables high-volume users to design, manage and print custom SubliPrint™ sublimation emblems in-house. Within a Microsoft® Windows® based operating system, the custom ColorPrint™ software provides the tools necessary to set-up, catalogue and print emblem designs within established and customizable layout templates. In tandem, the print queues and print drivers manage emblem orientation, alignment and colour profiles, while grouping and processing print files based on emblem size. Designs can be easily retrieved for re-printing within a library structure, and text emblems can be quickly generated in print-time mode using a set of available fonts and pallet colours.

The system interfaces with Ricoh® brand desktop format, ink jet printers, using specially formulated gel-based sublimation inks. With resolutions up to 1200dpi, designs are printed in reverse onto engineered, high quality transfer papers using a true four-colour process pallet. The system can generate emblems with an unlimited array of colours, including photo-realitic, shadow and gradient design elements. Print speeds of 7 to 10 pages per minute can be achieved, relative to ink coverage and print quality levels.

Using heat seal equipment and registration templates, the printed design transfer sheets are applied to Emblemtek’s range of 100% polyester Twill Emblem Blanks under high temperature and pressure. The twill fabric has a very smooth surface, specifically developed to enhance design image quality and depth of colour. The dye-sublimation process allows the inks to penetrate into the fibres of the base materials where they become permanently embedded. As a result of this “re-dying” technique, designs will not crack, peel or fade under normal commercial and industrial laundry conditions, where temperatures do not exceed 375℉ (190℃).

White fabric is normally used in the sublimation process so that design colours are not distorted by darker fabric shades, however it is possible to use some some darker materials, or even some high visibility fabrics, when images are transferred in black. Twill Emblem Blanks are usually finished with a Merrow border, and are produced with a high-melt glue backing for heat seal application. The emblems can also be sewn-on, and they are removable, allowing for garment re-use or re-branding.


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