Custom Embroidered Emblems

  • 100% polyester twill fabric and threads.
  • Up to 15 colours per design.
  • With Merrow borders.
  • High-melt or low-melt glue options.
  • Velcro® or pressure sensitive backing options.
  • Heat seal or sew-on application.
  • Commercial and industrial launderable.
  • Custom design elements.
  • Available accessory options.
  • Low minimum quantities.
  • No artwork or set-up fees.


Custom Embroidered Emblems are used in all walks of life, to embellish a wide range of industrial garments, military and service uniforms, career-wear, sportswear, recreational clothing and other textile products. They are used to project a corporate image; to promote a brand; to identify group membership and rank; and to signify team spirit.

Custom Embroidered Emblems are manufactured with 100% polyester twill fabrics and 100% polyester embroidery threads, with up to 15 colours per design. They can be formatted into many different shapes and sizes, and are finished with a Merrow border. These emblems are produced with a choice of high-melt glue, low-melt glue, pressure sensitive, Velcro® or non-woven backings, and can be heat sealed or sewn onto a wide variety of garments and uniforms. The emblems are removable, and are industrial and commercial launderable, relative to backing type and application method.

Emblems can be equipped with accessory features such as button loops, butterfly clutch pins and key-rings, for easy attachment, and with the Velcro® or pressure sensitive backing options, the “stick-on and peel-off” capabilities allow for temporary garment embellishment and branding. Other design elements can be introduced to the embroidery, such as watermarks and background stitch patterns. In different variations, Custom Embroidered Emblems can also be produced with high visibility materials, or flame resistant fabrics and threads, or with 3M™ reflective materials, all of which provide an added measure wearer visibility and protection to safety uniforms.

Custom Embroidered Emblems
Merrow border
Multiple thread colours
Large back emblems
Metallic threads
Colour shifting
Full colour, tone-on-tone tactical or camouflage

Options & Backings

3D puff embroidery
Background stitch pattern
Name/Text Inserts
Pressure-sensitive backing
Soft magnet backing
Velcro® backing


Button Loop style #1
Butterfly Clutch Pin style #2
Push-Button-Snap style #3
Button Slit style #5
Grommet and Split-Ring style #6
Grommet and Chain style #7
Plastic Strap & Sleeve luggage tag style #8
Plastic Strap luggage style #9
Half-Moon Clip as pull-tag style #10
Grommet and Split-Ring as pull-tag style #11
Grommet and Swivel Split-Ring style #12
Grommet and Split-Ring Coupling style #13
Grommet and Swivel Clasp hook style #14
Grommet and Swivel Snap-Hook style #15
Ornament String gold
style #16
Grommet style #17
Bar Pin with Catch style #18