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QwikTranzTM Textile Marking Transfers

  • Laundry resistant indelible ink.
  • Light-weight tissue carrier.
  • One or two colour designs.
  • Charted colours.
  • Roll or pre-cut format.
  • Heat seal application.
  • Reel to reel application options.


QwikTranz™ Transfers are manufactured with specially formulated, scratch resistant inks, which will not peel or fade in most institutional and commercial laundry conditions. Designs are printed onto a thin, light-weight tissue carrier in one or two colours, and are usually supplied in roll format. For low or high volume requirements, QwikTranz™ Transfers can be heat seal applied in a matter of seconds to a wide range of textiles, linens and uniforms. Registration, alignment or guide marks can be added to the designs for continuous, reel to reel heat seal application. The transfers can also be pre-cut and boxed, allowing for fast, single transfer application.

Low-cost QwikTranz™ Transfers can be used for logo designs, property-mark identifications, textile care details, size labels, wash-control grids, sorting codes or batch numbers. They can be efficiently and effectively used on hospital or nursing home linens and uniforms, hotel or restaurant linens, and many other types of textiles and accessories in laundry, rental or manufacturing environments.

Two Colours
Small Text
15 second application
Before and after